SIMATIC S7- PLCSIM Advanced: Joint simulation through API

Aug 21, 2023

        SIMATIC S7- PLCSIM Advanced: Joint simulation through API 

After using S7-PLCSIM Advanced as an independent simulation system, you can simulate and test the STEP 7 program you created.

Due to the fact that SIMATIC S7- PLCSIM Advanced can be used as a virtual controller to comprehensively simulate the functions of S7-1500 or ET 200SP CPUs, testing STEP 7 programs does not require the use of a real controller.

Virtual controllers also support contextual testing with systems or machines. Virtual controller to system or machine simulation (joint simulation) can be achieved using user interfaces (APIs).

The STEP 7 program created in STEP 7 V14 is used to control the transportation system. For comprehensive functional testing, the STEP7 program can be loaded into the virtual S7-1500 controller through S7-PLCSIM Advanced. This controller can interact with joint simulation (factory simulation) through API to validate STEP 7 programs in a factory environment.

Advantages of application examples:

Introduction of API usage

Provide C # sample code that you can use to write your own application

Topics not covered by this application

This application example does not include content related to the following topics:

Fundamentals of object-oriented programming

Basic knowledge of programming environments, such as Microsoft Visual Studio

Basic knowledge of TIA Portal configuration

Assuming you have fully mastered the above knowledge.

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