ABB's innovative technology debuts in 2023

Sep 11, 2023


1.Three major exhibition booths, 1100 square meter exhibition area, and multiple innovative products and technologies welcome the debut of the Industrial Expo

2.ABB's latest robotics, motion control, and mechanical automation solutions are showcased together

3.Combining physical exhibitions, naked eye 3D screens, and online live streaming to create a digital exhibition experience

ABB will showcase dozens of innovative exhibits, including its latest robotics and digital solutions, transmission and servo motors, and Baccarat mechanical automation solutions, at the Industrial Expo. It will use various forms such as naked eye 3D technology, LED screens, display board exhibitions, and online live broadcasts on three major exhibition booths with a total area of nearly 1100 square meters to present an "immersive" viewing experience to offline and offline audiences.

ABB Robotics    

With the theme of "being robots, but also infinite possibilities", ABB will showcase ABB's flexible automation solutions in different scenarios and fields from the three dimensions of collaborative robots, industrial robots, digitization and services in a nearly 800 square meter booth space. Among more than ten industry-leading "robot+" exhibits, collaborative robots GoFa 10 and GoFa 12, new generation large robot IRB 6720, autonomous mobile robot Flexley series, and RobotStudio automatic path planning all made their debut at the Expo, vividly demonstrating how automation technology can help customers improve production efficiency, product quality, and resilience in a rapidly changing business environment

ABB Motion Control

ABB combines digital technology with motion control to comprehensively showcase multiple transmission and motor star products as well as digital solutions. Universal transmission ACS580MV, customized chemical industry level transmission cabinet ACS880-07C, harmonic solution ACH580-31, AC500 PLC, multiple servo motors and servo drives including E530 universal servo system, HX explosion-proof servo motor, and the latest HDS high-power and efficient servo motor will all be presented at this year's industrial expo, supporting users in various industries to increase efficiency, save energy, reduce emissions, and achieve green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

ABB Baikale     

ABB's mechanical automation department - Baikalai will bring a wealth of exhibits including software and hardware platform systems for machine intelligence, including high-performance PLCs, industrial computing platforms integrated with computing and control, servo drives and motors, HMI, communication integration of OPC UA FX, and machine vision; Solutions for common key technologies across multiple industries, such as tension control technology, intelligent weighing systems, and robot technology in machine centers; And vertical industry solutions for photovoltaic, energy storage, lithium batteries, packaging, etc.

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