• How to access multiple functions of automation devices using mobile phones, such as using a web server?
    How to access multiple functions of automation devices using mobile phones, such as using a web server? Aug 14, 2023
    Describe This article explains how to access multiple functions of automation devices using smartphones. Fig. 01 Possible scenarios Accessing CPU, SIMATIC panel, and frequency converter web servers through a web browser on your phone Using Siemens applications such as logos Transfer visualization files to mobile phones through WinCC Smart client requirement We need a PC with Windows 7 installed and WLAN interface, an Android phone, and an automation system with an IP subnet of 192.168.43. x. explain Follow the instructions below to access various functions of automation devices through mobile phones. Disable phone data connections on smartphones      1. Disable data connections on smartphones to avoid costs and security risks. Start from the 'Settings' menu on your smartphone. Select 'Connections' and then select' More networks'. 2.Select 'Mobile networks'. 3.Disable the 'Mobile data' feature. Configure and enable portable Wi Fi hotspots for smartphones Enable mobile hotspot. Enable through the 'Settings' menu on your phone. Select 'Connect' and then select 'More Networks'. select"Tethering and portable hotspot"。 Enable portable Wi Fi hotspots through a slider. Select 'Portable Wi Fi hotspot' to configure a portable Wi Fi hotspot. Select 'Configure' to change the password for the SSID network and Wi Fi network. Set up PC Follow the instructions below to set up your PC.   Browse your PC to find a Wi Fi network, such as your phone's Wi Fi network name: Android AP, and enter the previously set Wi Fi password on your phone to connect to the phone's Wi Fi network. Your PC's name appears on your phone as a connected device. Open the control panel of the PC. Find "Network and Internet" in the control panel and open "Network and Sharing Center". Select 'Change adapter settings' in the Network and Sharing Center to display accessible network connections. For example, in the figure below, you can see the wireless network connected to an Android phone. CPU, SIMATIC panel, etc. are connected to Port 1 "[P1] Local Area Connection". To access connected devices, you need to manually modify the IP address of the LAN interface. Right click on the LAN interface to open the properties of the LAN interface. In the LAN interface properties, select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and then click the "Properties" button. Select the "Use the following IP address:" option and enter the IP address and subnet mask, which are the same as the automation device. Check the two interfaces (LAN and WLAN) and right-click on one of them. Select 'Bridge' in the pop-up dialog box. The LAN and WLAN interfaces are bridged together, allowing Android phones to access automation systems through the LAN interface. You can access the CPU's web server by using a web browser on your phone. You can use other functions through the app.

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