AB PLC classification

Aug 23, 2023

Main classification

AB programmable controllers (PLCs) are mainly divided into three categories:

    MicroLogix controller (micro)

    CompactLogix controller (medium size)


    ControlLogix controller (large)


An economical solution can be provided to meet the basic control needs of simple machinery, including relay replacement and simple control timing and logic. These controllers adopt compact packaging, integrate I/O and communication, and are easy to use, making them ideal choices for applications such as conveyor automation, safety systems, and building and parking lot lighting.

MicroLogix has 2 series:

• MicroLogix series

Micro800 series


Midsize controllers can provide the functionality and flexibility you need without the overhead of large systems, making them the perfect solution for medium-sized application projects. Choose from standard and secure certified controllers based on rack and modular packaging design. Typical application projects include complex machine control, batch processing, and building automation.

CompactLogix has4 series:

1768 CompactLogix controller

1769 CompactLogix 5370 controller

5069 CompactLogix 5380 controller

5069 CompactLogix 5480 controller


The ControlLogix control system uses a universal control engine with a common development environment, which can provide high performance in an easy-to-use environment. The tight integration between programming software, controllers, and I/O modules shortens development time and reduces costs for debugging and normal operation. You can perform standard and security controls in the same rack to achieve truly integrated systems. Utilize high availability and extreme environmental resistance to meet the needs of your application project.

ControlLogix has 2 series:

1756 ControlLogix 5570 controller

1756 ControlLogix 5580 controller       

 Detailed classification

• MicroLogix controllers

• CompactLogix controller

• ControlLogix controller

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