SIMATIC Drive Controller,CPU 1504D TF and CPU 1507D TFof siemens

Aug 21, 2023

     The SIMATIC Drive Controller extends the SIMATIC S7-1500 Controller series through a driver based design. In addition to the extended motion control function, the two fault safe controllers CPU 1504D TF and CPU 1507D TF are also equipped with an integrated drive control unit based on the SINAMICS S120 drive system and technology I/O.


The SIMATIC drive controller sets the standard for perfect integration between the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and the SINAMICS S120 drive system. It integrates motion control, technology, and PLC functions directly into the modular SINAMICS S120 multi-axis drive system without the need for additional control cabinet space for the controller.

Therefore, SIMATIC Drive Controller is very suitable for applications that require high dynamic drive systems

*For frames with a number of axes from center to large,

*Wide performance/motor range

*Controlled feed in/regeneration feedback (to prevent grid harmonics/have better

High robustness/energy feedback during braking)


In addition, the integration of the controller and drive control unit into one device reduces installation and wiring work. The data management of the controller and integrated driver control unit is centrally executed on the SIMATIC memory card.

SIMATIC drive controller

The SIMATIC drive controller provides two performance levels, covering complex motion control solutions with two fault safe technology CPUs.

The fail safe CPU allows both standard and safe programs to be processed on the same controller.

As technical CPUs, they also provide a wide range of motion control functions, such as:

*Speed and positioning axis

*Synchronous operation function

Synchronization with/without specified synchronization location

Actual value coupling

Move the main value to the following axis


Synchronous operation across PLCs

*Cam disc

*Loop specification for motion vectors from applications (MotionIn interface)


Up to 4 interpolation axes (such as Cartesian portals, triangular pickups, roller pickups, articulated arms, cylindrical robots, tripods, and SCARA)

User defined kinematics

*External encoder, output cam and measurement input

Consistently providing a wide range of integrated interfaces and technology I/O across all performance levels, and allowing efficient implementation of compact and modular automation solutions with motion control capabilities based on SINAMICS S120 drive systems.

With faster system response time, SIMATIC drive controllers are the ideal solution for situations where high machine cycle rates and optimal product quality are achieved through the application of deterministic and replicable machine behavior, with a wide range of axis frameworks and very short cycle times.

The SIMATIC Drive Controller extends the components of the modular SINAMICS S120 driver system and SIMATIC automation components, such as the ET 200SP I/O system. Other drive systems (such as SINAMICS S210) can be easily integrated into PROFINET.

Ultra compact

The controller and SINAMICS S120 drive control unit are integrated

Controller and technology I/O do not require additional space


Unified interface configuration for easy expansion of motion control and PLC performance

High performance

High performance CPU for demanding motion control solutions

Wide range of communication interfaces - most suitable for modular machine concepts

On board technology I/O for precise signal acquisition/output (e.g. output cam/measurement input)

Security integration

Efficient protection for operators and machines through integrated safety features for controllers and integrated drives.

Easy to use

Reduce wiring and assembly work

Central data management on SIMATIC memory cards for controllers and integrated drives

Powerful configuration tools in TIA Portal (STEP 7 Professional/SINAMICS Startdrive)

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