Persistent data usage formula function for Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500

Aug 17, 2023

If you need to preserve parameters (such as the position value and limit value of the drive) after power outage and restart, you must backup these parameters in advance. These parameters can be stored as reserved variables or saved in CSV files using the recipe function.

These parameters should be stored in CSV files for a long time on the memory card of the controller. Users can decide when to save data. It can be automatically saved at a specified time interval when the power PSU8600 encounters a power failure and switches to buffering mode, or saved through HMI or other methods upon user request. After a power failure and current connection, persistent data needs to be read back from the CSV file to the user program.

The following figure provides an overview of this automated task.


The parameters set during debugging are all concentrated in a global data block.

The "DBtoCSV" block writes the data from the collected global data block to a CSV file on the loading storage. The 'CSV to DB' block reads data from the CSV file as needed and writes it back to the global data block.

The following figure is a schematic diagram of the most important components in this solution:

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