Motor Drive Control Module Application Learning

Sep 18, 2023

1、 Motors and their classification

Electric motor (collectively known as electric motor and generator) is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and its operating principle is based on the law of electromagnetic induction. There are many specifications for motors, which can be classified into conventional motors and control motors according to their functions.

The main task of conventional motors is to complete energy conversion. Divided into generators and motors according to conversion forms; According to the type of power supply, it can be divided into DC motors and AC motors; According to the changes in speed, it can be divided into synchronous motors and asynchronous motors.

The main task of controlling a motor is to complete the transmission and conversion of control signals, usually used in automatic control systems for detection, calibration, and execution components, mainly including AC/DC servo motors, stepper motors, AC/DC tachogenerators, etc.

The use and control of motors are very convenient, with the ability to self start, accelerate, brake, reverse, and hold, meeting various operational requirements. The working efficiency of the motor is high, with no smoke, odor, environmental pollution, and low noise.

Due to a series of advantages of motors, they have been widely used in various fields such as industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, commercial and household appliances, medical electrical equipment, etc. A DC deceleration motor was used in the design of the lunar rover.

DC deceleration motor for lunar exploration vehicles

DC reduction motor, also known as gear reduction motor, is an ordinary DC motor that is equipped with a gear reduction box.

The function of a gear reducer is to provide lower rotational speed and greater torque. At the same time, gear reducers can achieve different reduction ratios, providing different speeds and torques for the system, thereby improving the utilization rate of DC motors in the automation industry.

Decelerating motor refers to the integration of a reducer and an electric motor. This type of integration can also be referred to as a gear motor or a gear motor. Usually, a professional reducer manufacturer integrates and assembles them before supplying them as a complete set. Decelerating motors are widely used in industries such as steel and machinery. The advantages of using a reduction motor are simplified design and space saving.

Characteristics of motivation:

(1) The reduction motor is manufactured with advanced international technology and has a high technological content.

(2) Space saving, reliable and durable, with high overload resistance, and a power output of over 95kW.

(3) Low energy consumption, superior performance, and gearbox efficiency of over 95%.

(4) Low vibration, low noise, good energy-saving effect, using high-quality steel, cast iron box, and gear surface undergoing high-frequency heat treatment.

(5) After precision machining, ensuring positioning accuracy.

(6) The product adopts a serialized and modular design concept, which has a wide range of adaptability.

DC reduction motors include high-power gear reduction motors, coaxial helical gear reduction motors, parallel axis helical gear reduction motors, and spiral bevel gear reduction motors.

Working principle of control chip L298N

L298N is a dedicated driver integrated circuit for dual full bridge motors, which contains a 4-channel logic driver circuit, which can easily control DC motors and can also be used as a dedicated driver for two phase and four phase stepper motors.

The L298N integrated circuit contains two H-Bridge high voltage and high current dual full bridge drivers. By receiving standard TTL logic control signals, it can drive DC motors and stepper motors below 46 V/2A, and can directly adjust the output voltage through the power supply; This integrated circuit can provide analog timing signals directly from the 1/O port of the microcontroller.

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