ABB on renewable energy projects

Jun 09, 2023

ABB on renewable energy projects

  • Together with Lhyfe and Skyborn, ABB will drive large-scale integration of production of offshore wind renewable
  • hydrogen into the energy system in the SoutH2Port project
  • Powered by Skyborn’s planned offshore wind farm, the plant in Söderhamn, Sweden, will produce around 240 tons
  • of hydrogen per day, equivalent of around 1.8 million barrels of oil per annum
  • ABB will apply critical expertise to optimize the integration of the hydrogen and electricity production across entire
  • ecosystem including automation, electrical and digital technologies

ABB is collaborating with Lhyfe, a world pioneer in the production of renewable hydrogen, and Skyborn, a global leader


in renewable energy, to jointly realize and optimize one of Europe’s most ambitious renewable hydrogen projects ever, SoutH2Port.




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ABB HP-HP/AA-7676-91-0050 3BHE013299R0022 LTC743CE22
ABB TC562 3BSC630049R1 DI880 3BSE028586R1
ABB PHAFIOFFH10000 AX670 3BSE000566R1
ABB DO802 3BSE022364R1 DO610 3BHT300006R1
ABB PM860 3BSE018110R1 CI852K01 3BSE018102R1
ABB TU843 3BSE021443R1 07AA60R1 GJV3074365R1
ABB HS810 ACDU V1.01
ABB PDP800 DP-V2 YPK112A 3ASD5730011A13
ABB SM1006S/B12/0000/32/STD SDCS-POW-1 10012279F
ABB NKLS01-10 AI835 3BSE008520R1
ABB MSR04XI 6632092N1
ABB DSTDN020 3BSE003238R1 NMBP-01
ABB DSQC643 3HAC024488-001 1MRK000173 1MRK000005-396
ABB 1MRK002239 SR91C790 YPC104B YT204001-BT

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